New items of interest...

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New items of interest...

Postby The Team » November 15th, 2012, 11:56 am

As you know, we are continuously working in the background to improve your experience here on the forum. We are building and organizing our Graphics Warehouse library to be an excellent place to find sandblast worthy graphics. We are working to add helpful tutorials and informationals that will help you get a grasp on knowledge you might not yet have. We are improving our store, coordinating with new suppliers and working to add items of interest to sand carvers. We are doing our best to encourage you all to be the best carver you care to be.

We would like to announce the latest additions to our store, in the "LED Lighting and Supplies" section. We've added 3 new "Project Kits" which should contain just what you need to create and finish one LED lit project with no extra or un-needed parts. These kits can be customized for the length of the LED string you need, the color desired and type of connector desired. This will make it easier for you to light your projects without having to purchase parts you don't need. You now have the ability to choose from drop-down lists JUST the parts you need. These parts have always been available in the store for purchase separately, but creating these Project Kits makes it easier to find and order just what you need.

New to the "LED Lighting and Supplies" section of the store are a series of RGB controllers (with and without remote controls) and LED Dimmer controls to give you more options when lighting and display your project. As soon as possible, we'll be adding a short video showing the functionality of one of our LED Dimmer controls.

Whether you have been around a long time, or are new to the craft, you will find it worth your while to browse the Tutorials, Library, and Store once a month or so, just to keep up with what's new, and to refresh your memory on tips & techniques you may not have used for a while.

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