Introducing- QUESTION CENTRAL!!!

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Introducing- QUESTION CENTRAL!!!

Postby JESS » September 7th, 2010, 8:14 pm

It has come to our attention that we need a place to hash out technical questions. We would like to reserve "Resources" as a place to go to for answers, so we are introducing a section dedicated to finding the answers to all questions that arise in performance of our art. We have added sections dedicated to the use of differing computers, software, equipment and hardware associated with getting a job done. If the need arises, we will add more specific categories, but we feel we have a good starting point. PLEASE do not mis-understand if we move your post to one of these areas without asking, as we do this in hopes of finding the best answers. When we have a subject that has reached terminal velocity, (as in, ANSWERED), we will try to condense it into the most understandable Tutorial or Informational. It will then be dropped from this category, so there is sufficient room for new questions. A true friend mentioned that there is a distinct possibility that our forum will grow too large for our staff to handle all these tasks, so I am inviting any member who is interested, to submit Tutorials & Informationals made from these pages for publication in our archives. Submitting members will be credited at the top of the page for assembling the information. We are making history, and recording it for our descendants to learn from, or laugh at. Join us!
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