Desert Rats 2012 has come & gone.

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Desert Rats 2012 has come & gone.

Postby JESS » October 28th, 2012, 4:00 pm

Hey all!
The 2012 Desert Rats gathering is now history. We didn't have a large turnout, but I think everyone left happy. On the first day, the only person who showed up early was Oakly, (Striking Stone). After a bit of practice glass cutting, he decided to take an opportunity to beat on a big rock the rest of the day, and we made great strides making little rocks. Michelle, (MSHUMMER) showed up in the afternoon, and just relaxed a while, watching & conversing.
ROCK 1.jpg
ROCK 2.jpg
ROCK 3.jpg
ROCK 4.jpg

Saturday, Oakley brought his wife, (Lizard), to learn a little about sandblasting. She learns quick, I think we have another one hooked! She chose a Hummingbird image, and we each carved one from beginning to end. Here's the one I did, I'll let her post her own if she wishes. (she did a GREAT job!)
DESERT RATS 2012 1.jpg
DESERT RATS 2012 2.jpg

Brad, (BradsGlassart) came, and learned a lot about an inexpensive but very useful tabletop Plotter that Michelle was displaying, along with Etchall, a cream etching material that does MUCH better than the stuff we've seen in the past. He also had a quick & dirty demonstration of bonding glass with UV adhesive. We will be starting plans for the 3rd annual soon, and can promise, it will be enjoyable for all who care to attend.
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