Forum Newsletter Problems???

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Forum Newsletter Problems???

Postby The Team » August 12th, 2011, 9:52 am

As you should all be aware, we try to send out a Newsletter from the forum each month with timely and current information. The newsletter goes out to each and every registered member of the forum. If you're not receiving your newsletters, here's there's a couple things to check:

The Newsletter module of the forum uses the information stored when you registered your membership. There is no separate list of people to send newsletters to, or separate e-mail list. They are sent directly to every registered user at the e-mail address you have assigned to your account.

You can check what e-mail address the newsletters are being sent to by clicking on the "User Control Panel" link in the upper left quadrant of the forum's main page.
In the User Control Panel, select the "UCP_NEWSLETTER" tab and it will show you the e-mail address it is being sent to. If that address is not valid any longer, or you're not monitoring that e-mail address on a regular basis, you need to change the address associated with your Forum account to reflect a good address.
The UCP_NEWSLETTER tab also allows you to specify what format you want to receive your newsletter in. By default it is sent in an HTML format which means your incoming e-mail will have the forum banner graphic at the top of the newsletter, and the text will have fonts/sizes/colors available. If your mail client does not allow you to receive HTML formatted e-mail messages, you might want to change the setting to "Plain/Text".

Click on the UCP_NEWSLETTER_NEWSLETTER tab and you should see a confirmation message that you are automatically subscribed to the newsletter, as shown below. If your screen doesn't show a message similar to that below, contact one of the Admins for assistance along with a screen capture of the screen you are seeing.
If you need to update/change your e-mail address associated with your forum UserID, select the "Profile" tab in the "User Control Panel" and select the "Edit Account Settings" section from the menu on the left. You can change/update your e-mail address there. Be aware, if you change your e-mail address, you'll have to enter it a second time in the next line below, and be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

If all the above information is correct, and you're still not getting your newsletters, you'll need to check to see if you have a SPAM filter on your E-Mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Live Mail, etc...) or if your ISP has a SPAM filter monitoring your account before it is even sent to you. Sometimes these filters get overly aggressive and identify things that are sent to a large number of users as SPAM even though they aren't. You may need to identify the e-mail address which the e-mails are sent from as a "Safe" or "Not SPAM" address in order to receive them. The address that the e-mails are sent from is:

All old newsletters are archived and available to be viewed any time by clicking on the "UCP_NEWSLETTER" tab of the "User Control Panel" and selecting the "UCP_NEWSLETTER_NEWSLETTERS" link on the left side of the form. From that page select the "FORUM NEWSLETTERS" link and you'll see each newsletter that has been sent.
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