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This rock holder will hold your garden markers and stones at the right height and angle in your cabinet for you, freeing your second hand for sandcarving and eliminating the effort of holding heavy weight stones at the right angles for long periods of time.  Thanks to Kelly Harris and her husband for this idea.

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Whether you’re trying to start out on a shoe-string budget, or have outgrown the LetroLite UV Exposure Unit, here’s a set of plans for a nice UV Exposure Unit to expose sand carving photo resists.  Anyone with basic carpenter and electric skills should have no problems completing this project.

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An inexpensive and easy to construct adjustable marking gauge to mark Glasses & Cups with guidelines so that you can install sand carving mask consistantly when doing multiple copies of the same item.

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Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to make sand carving a little easier. Build a cabinet easel!

This one is made with shelf standards, but the principal is the same no matter what material you use. The standards are handy, and less work, because with a little cutting and bending, you can easily bolt together an easel with adjustable material supports.

DCF 1.0
Construction Plans

Here’s an inovative design for a home-made sand carving  pinch type deadman valve constructed from a Pony clamp, some hose and aluminum banding.  Thanks to member Ron A for his design and construction instructions.


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Here’s a set of plans to make a handy dispenser for rolls of Transfer Tape. No more wrinkles on your tape or ruined masks. The dispenser will hold rolls of tape up to 24” in length, and can be modified easily to accommodate larger rolls.


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If you have a vinyl cutter, you NEED one of these.  This simple rack will store your rolls of sign vinyl, paint mask and sand carving resists easily, neatly and without damaging each other.

More of a design concept than a detailed construction plan, the design can be easily modified for the storage of more (or less) rolls, or adjusted for 48” rolls rather than 24” rolls.

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