Pony Pinch Clamp Nozzle

Thanks and a “Tip-of-the-Hat” to member Ron A for his innovative pinch nozzle design.

DCF 1.0

This is a takeoff of the Pinch Clamp Nozzle by Greg Goett. For years my primary blaster was a large siphon unit. When I moved to a new home I had to install it in my garage, and living in Wisconsin it means it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Recently I discovered this and another forum and have been reading and watching and been learning a lot of things from all the members. I decided to build a smaller cabinet in my basement shop and go back to a pressure pot blaster. (I had started out many years ago with a SCM blaster.) I bought a pressure pot from Northern Supply and made up the Pinch Clamp Nozzle. But after years of using a pistol grip nozzle I decided to adapt it to my needs.



DCF 1.0 1. I stared with a Pony Model 3201 medium size wood working clamp, the Pinch Clamp Nozzle minus the pinch clamp, a 5 ½”and a 10” length of 1/8” X ¾” flat aluminum, a 7/16” brass tube 5” long, a small block of wood ¾” X 1”X2 ½”, a four pop rivets, and a couple of tie raps.
DCF 1.0 2. Start by forming the 10” aluminum bar and make groves for the tie raps to hold nozzle.
DCF 1.0  3. Drill two 1/8” holes in the aluminum bar and two in one of the clamp handles to match.
4. Pop rivet the aluminum bar to the clamp.
5. Drill two 1/8” holes in the 5 ½” aluminum bar and two the other camp handle.
6. Reshape this camp handle ½” from the end.
7. With the holes aligned mark and bend bar to fit, then pop rivet to handle.
DCF 1.0  8. Insert the brass tube between the clamp spring and handle and tie rap in place.
DCF 1.0   9. Drill a ½” hole in the wooden block to support the brass tubing and tape in place.
10. While holding the clamp open feed the hose through the brass tube.
11. Assemble nozzle to hose.
12. With the nozzle in place tie rap to the aluminum bar using the groves.
DCF 1.0

 13. Install hose fitting and connect to pressure pot.








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