Monument Measurement Terms

This post is so I can quickly describe my work in the terms we work with every day, it will also give you an idea of the measurements in the trade dealing with monument dealers and suppliers.

Term Description
BRP Balance Rough Pitch
PFT Polished Flat top
Base Flat stone supporting the Die
Steeled Sawn edge
P2 Dealing with a Die Polished front and back
P3 Dealing with a die Polished front back and top
P5 Dealing with a die Polished front back top and both sides
Bevel or Hickey Lay down stone gently slope usually an inch in 6
Grass or Grasser Flat lay down stone Usually 4 inches thick
Slant  Steep slanted faced stone, usually 10″ thick at the base, 16″  tall different widths.
Nose  Usually referring to a slant, the rough pitch area from the bottom of the polished face to the bottom of the monument



  • Measurements are always in these terms Length * width * height.
  • The increments are ft-inches.
  • So a monument 3 ft wide, 6″ thick, 18″ tall is as 3-0 * 0-6 * 1-6
  • If this is a Polish 2 stone then 3-0 * 0-6 *1-6 P2 BRP
  • If it has a serpentine top then, 3-0 * 0-6 * 1-6 P2 BRP serp. top
  • If it is a Georgia gray die then, 3-0 * 0-6 * 1-6 P2 BRP serp. top Georgia Gray Die.
  • The next line will describe the base it sits on which normally will be shown like this:
    • 4-0 * 1-0 * 0-6 PFT BRP Georgia Gray Base, for a base 4 ft long, 1 ft wide, 5 inches thick. Polished top, rough pitched edge or broken rock showing.

Thanks to member Charles for contributing this information.

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