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Cloud Storage

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Re: Cloud Storage

Postby Eriks » February 23rd, 2015, 1:26 am

Thought I'd share how I approach things as it's a little different to what everyone else seems to be doing, but achieves the same result.

Rather than using a cloud service somewhere on the internet, I have a Western Digital MyCloud network drive permanently connected to our shop network. All artwork, photos etc... are saved to the network drive instead of on individual computers. This means all the files can be accessed by every computer in our shop.


The WD MyCloud drive can also be accessed remotely via a secure internet connection. I've found this to be very handy to be able to access the files at work when I'm at home. I can open and save files from home, just like I was still at work.

By connecting a USB drive directly to the back of the WD MyCloud drive, the MyCloud drive can be setup to run it's own backups (daily, weekly, etc..). This runs directly on the drive and doesn't need any computers to be left running. The backup it creates is a full working copy, so if anything bad happens to the MyCloud drive, then I can plug the USB backup drive into a computer and keep working, or copy it over to another network drive.

Apart from the initial purchase price, which isn't expensive, this setup has been working really well for me, and is very easy to use. I know where my data is, and I don't need to worry about storage limits, or copying large amounts of data across the internet for a backups, or even remembering to do the backups.

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Re: Cloud Storage

Postby Coppers Lot » February 23rd, 2015, 10:50 am

Me too Eriks, I have a synology NAS drive
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Re: Cloud Storage

Postby sgalante » February 23rd, 2015, 12:55 pm

As Terry said, another option is just a cloud drive. My nephew who is also in IT, has a 4TB standalone drive that is just on his WiFi network. Everything he has gets stored on that drive as a backup. Anything on it, is available to any device in the house on that WiFi. Doesn't do much for use outside the house, although you can set it up to do that also. Just need to be able to log into your network (WiFi) from outside your house via an IP address, and you can access anything on the drive. You probably won't want to do that on a public network, like the library or coffee shop though. Too many problems with being public. Obviously a lot more expensive to do it this way in comparison to having 15GB free out on the Cloud, but we are talking about 100's of times more storage, and the knowledge that it is at your home.

As for email, I use Gmail. That is available where ever you have WiFi. They give you 15GB of storage. I have some 3000+ emails out on mine, and I am only using 1.9GB of space.
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Re: Cloud Storage

Postby and_Rew09 » February 23rd, 2015, 6:55 pm

I use dropbox, Google Drive and One drive. I use dropbox the most because my photos I take automatically go there from my phone. One drive is just place to put files for my website. Google Drive is used for documents I can edit for customers or Google sheets for quick foundation calculations.
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