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Virus going around

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Re: Virus going around

Postby StrikingStone » March 28th, 2012, 10:54 am

The best way to explain why trojans aren't picked up by anti-virus software is to revisit the source of the name. The people of Troy actually opened the city gate and pulled in a giant wooden horse left by the Greeks. They didn't know it was full of Greek soldiers until it was too late. The software version is the same way- some one fooled you into allowing some software on your PC. It wasn't forced and it itself is not a virus. What is inside of the trojan may be a virus and your AV should catch it after it is activated, but the horse full of enemy soldiers was still pulled inside your gate by you. It will remain there even if your AV tells you the virus is gone because the containing 'horse' is not a virus . Good anti spy-ware/ad-ware programs will get rid of the 'horse'.
Here are some tips;
If you get a pop-up that says you need to do something, don't trust it- If you think it is Microsoft, then go to Microsoft and download it. If you think it is your installed AV, go to your software or their website. Just like your bank calling you and asking for sensitive information- hang up and call your bank.
If you get a pop-up, don't close it with the X in the upper right corner and certainly do not click anywhere inside of it. Right click on it in your task bar and choose close from there.
If you are not absolutely positive that what you are looking is safe- Google it.
Good luck!
Oakley Rolwing
Phoenix Arizona
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Re: Virus going around

Postby bernie » March 28th, 2013, 9:26 am

Thanks Oakley!

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