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Differences for glass or stone

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Differences for glass or stone

Postby WOBGnut » January 1st, 2015, 5:38 pm

I attended an NBM show a couple years ago to get a start on learning about the sandblasting. I could swear they used the same blasting booth for sandblasting glass and a brick and stone. BUT I've read here and there on this site and a couple other places that made me think blasting debris or blasting in general for stone (assume brick too) needs to be kept separate from glass. Is that right? Are there different mediums used or different grit sizes? Could I blast the different substrates in the same booth or need to change all out between the types?

I'm in a HF cabinet still doing siphon blasting. But have upgraded my gun and made mods on the cabinet.

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Re: Differences for glass or stone

Postby Terry W » January 1st, 2015, 6:35 pm

Hi Linda

You'll most likely get many different answers for this.

Myself, I have a cabinet for glass and one for rock. The first time you blast a nice piece of glass and a chunk of rock from the last pavers you etched puts a big divot in your piece will show you why. Not that this will always happen.... But it does sometimes.

There are many though, that blast everything with the same set up with great results. Especially if your just starting out it's hard to justify paying for more equipment not to mention the extra room it takes up.
You can use the same set up, same grit etc to some degree with great success. The things that will make it easier and (this is a big one) funner, will make a difference. Using the right tool for the job will keep you interested rather than struggling and parking your set up in the corner.

I myself would start out (with the set up you have now) maybe getting several types of mask first. Some vendors will send you samples for free... You wouldn't want to use paintmask or sign vinyl and 80 grit to try and engrave rocks or pavers. Can it be done??? Probably to some degree. Same goes for glass. Can you blast a nice piece of glass with a washout resist and 80 grit??? Probably but I doubt it with a siphon system as you can't dial the pressure down enough. There are some that will change out grit sizes. Going from engraving brick with 80 grit then changing it out to do a halftone with 240 would be one example of why.

If that is what you have then that is what you use. But if it's always a struggle then you quickly get tired and stop. There are workarounds for almost any situation but will it keep you blasting???

When you say glass or stone (reading one of your previous posts I believe you only have a small cabinet so you would be doing pocket rocks, small stone, maybe a wine bottle here and there???? What are you planning on using for mask? Do you have to hand cut or are you plotter cutting?? Do you have or are you planning on using washout resist? Then a washout set up is required.

Each thing has it's place where it shines and out performs the other. Can one be used instead of the other???? Some times.

There are lots of things that will work but if it's a total pain you may not want to keep doing it.

So,,,, I didn't really answer any of your questions. Sorry.

AS for the show, I don't have an all in one set up so I don't know exactly how the grit is screened of debris but they surely aren't going to change out grit or anything at a show. They just don't have the time.

Screening the grit would be a bigger thing to do when switching from blasting rock going to glass but I wouldn't worry about it going from blasting glass to blasting rock.

So now that I haven't answered any of your questions, maybe you can answer a few and will get a more directly related answer.

What are you planning on blasting?? What are you using for resist? These simple question will help us narrow down recommendations.

Thanks for letting me ramble :TU:
Terry W
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Re: Differences for glass or stone

Postby bernie » January 1st, 2015, 9:47 pm

I find newer sandblasters will use the same cabinet for both as they are just starting out. It just depends on what one is working on and the dollar value of replacement if a piece of glass gets ruined due to a foreign particle getting into your grit and pinging the glass. A personal decision as to whether the risk will out weigh the reward type of thing. When you
get to a job that is a $50 + wine glass that a customer brings to you ... then you really need to make a decision about the risk vs. reward.

For glass I have a walk in room + a cabinet, its own grit, its own pressure pot, its own broom, dustpan and screens for grit, air supplied respirator, etc. No matter what, nothing but glass is blasted in this area.
For rock I have a walk in 12x12 building to push carts in and out of, its own grit, its own pressure pots, its own brooms, dustpan, screens for grit, air supplied respirator, etc. Once in awhile I will blast parts for the neighbor kids Colbra he is restoring in the same building as I do rock. I'm not as concerned about the grit I use for this getting mixed in with the
grit I use for rock as long as the parts are not greasy / oily or whatever.

At one time I thought I was pretty darn good at cleaning out my pots as I would use different grits for rock. Then I used walnut shells to do a wood project. Hmmmm. I blew out
the inside of the pressure pot with the air nozzle real good when I was done, cleaned up the mess after I was sure all the walnut shells were out of the pot. A dozen blasts later, I was still spitting out walnut shells. I assumed static whatever had the shells sticking to the sides of the pot but I was never sure. When I would fill the pot with whatever grit I was using
for rock, the walnut shells would come out with the grit. What a mess. And what an eye opener on how clean is clean.

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