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Sand Blasting Equipment Selection.

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Sand Blasting Equipment Selection.

Postby pollys13 » April 16th, 2013, 4:27 am

Bit naughty to cross post,I didn't want to miss someone who could advise me.

I've recently become very interested in the subject of sand blasting.
Been around the web reading a bit on blasting here and there.

I have some questions I hope the folks on this forum can answer?
http://www.etchmaster.com/information_s ... ipment.htm

Shows the components for a sand blasting setup. The blasting cabinet won't accommodate large areas of glass like the Glastar cabinets with slots. That said, something like the illustrated cabinet shown on the etch master site I think would suit me fine.

The Etch Master site says, " Always buy a compressor based on how much air it puts out. When you purchase equipment, you should get a compressor that puts out at least 2-3 times the volume of air required by the blaster you will be using, at the desired blasting pressure. So you have to know which blaster you will be using, before you buy a compressor. "

I've been trying to find out specs for the pot blaster and the compressor so they match up properly. I've not had much luck finding this info out?.
On Ebay UK there is a pro cabinet which I think would do the job, listing has specs.

see Ebay UK item number Item number:110638700614

Also a couple of pot blasters I thought might be suitable?
Item number:170430296108
Item number:200886571849

An air compressor
Item number:281055416656

I'm thinking, that etching, carving and shading has to be done on both sides of the glass. Lettering would be back to front, but patterns you can sort of turn over the stencil so both sides match?

Thank you,
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