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Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

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Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby Terry W » January 2nd, 2012, 7:19 am

My desktop computer is full and I just purchased a new HD for it. It was running pretty slooooooow so I was thinking a fresh install of Win V ista again to help things out.

Don't know if it's worth the hassles of trying to reload all the drivers etc so I thought I would check to see if anyone here has done this recently and what issues they had. I got a 1T hard drive with a back up program but I think I need to reload programs to make them work right with all the registry junk.

Thanks for any tips. :B:
Terry W
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Re: Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby Gordon » January 2nd, 2012, 10:34 am

For me..... your problem is Vista! Just had to reload a laptop with Vista Home Basic. I had to use a seperate PC to download the correct drivers (yes, originally downloaded the wrong NIC driver).... but got things back up and working. Make sure you double check all your drivers (correct manufacturerer). Some PC Manufacturer use different manufacturers on their same model of PCs (There was 3 different manuf. for my laptops nic card)........Know what you have first! Mine wasn't easy, I couldn't just flip over and look and the manuf. stamp.

The backup (depending what you backup) will just backup the data, not all the programs themselves. Your correct, You will need to reload the programs (so, make sure you have all the program disks and lic keys). If it does backup everything (Operating system and all), then you will have the same problem....just on a larger drive.

To me, this would be a last resort. Have you already tried to clean things up first.


Sorry for the rambling.... I've been having PC issues lately and it's getting under my skin.

Re: Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby StrikingStone » January 5th, 2012, 9:53 am

Having a full drive (less than 10% free space or worse) will cause extreme slowness on any version of Windows. If that is your case and you just want to expand, add the 1Tb drive and move (not copy) your data files to a partition on it. This presumes you have lots of data- pictures, music, video etc. and moving them will give you better than 25% free space on the primary drive. If most of your space is taken up with programs, you will need to start over on the new drive.
Whatever your choice, backup everything first. Not just a "backup" but a whole drive image. Dedicate some space (a separate partition) on the 1Tb drive for an image of your current primary drive. I don't know if there are any free programs to do this anymore, but something like Ghost or Acronis True image work well. Rest assured, backing up a nearly full drive will take a loooong time if you booted to it, but better safe than sorry.
Oakley Rolwing
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Re: Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby Bill F. » January 26th, 2015, 9:29 am

Finally. A subject I know something about. I have more than 20 years of experience with computers. I had a computer repair business for 15 years and I worked for Microsoft tech support for 2 years. Now I only work for family and friends an maybe I can help a little here.
I hope you didn't do the reload yet. It really should be a last resort only for the most desperate situations. That said everyone that uses there computer for there business should be prepared for total system failure. There are many ways to approach a slow computer and the advice given by Oakley is good advice. There are issues when copying large amounts of info from one drive to another. Things you will not read in a manual because the manufacturer would rather you did not know. For instance If you copy 100's of gig's of data at one time the drives will start to heat up. You can over heat the drive and it will either burn out, create damaged sectors on the drive or greatly reduce the life of the drive. Some years ago I transferred 500gig to a new drive only to have the new drive burn out near the end of the process. It could have been a disaster if not for a backup. I never transfer more that 30 gig at a time now and I check for heat on the external drives. If they feel warm to the hand I will let them cool before moving any more data.

When moving data. COPY the data to the new drive. Only after you have determined that the data copied correctly should you go back and delete the data from the original drive.

Uninstall programs. If the HD in your pc is small uninstall programs that need a lot of space and reinstall them on the new drive.
Look through the list of programs in the control panel/uninstall programs list to see what is installed that you don't need.

A lot of programs run in the background of our computers and they will slowdown your system. My system for instance runs a program for my blackberry tablet that lets it recognise when the tablet is plugged into the system. I don't need this program to run in the background. I almost never plug the tablet into the PC. My PC will run just fine without this program. I use the Windows Task Manager to look at programs that are running in the background of my PC and if I don't need them to run I will click the "end process" button for that program.

There are lots of ways to tackle a slow computer problem and they all involve determining your comfort level in working with the background files of your system.

When a system seems hopelessly bogged down I will copy all important information to an external drive and then try to solve the problem by working with the background files.

I recently had to do a full reinstall because my system HD failed. The hard drive died (just dropped dead without warning). It was the first time in 5 years that I had to do a full reinstall (on a new HD). Even I was amazed at how little info I keep on the main hard drive now.

Ok enough ranting for now. I hope there is something in this for some of you.
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Bill F.
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Re: Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby JESS » January 26th, 2015, 10:16 am

Great information, and valuable to everyone here! Thank you! :toh:
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Re: Clean install on V ista. What might some issues be

Postby Terry W » January 26th, 2015, 1:11 pm

Thanks Bill for the info. This was several years ago and at least 1 new computer since then. I also see that I did forget to say thank you for the other replies so :ty:
Terry W
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