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Re Opening

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Re Opening

Postby Charles » May 5th, 2020, 7:12 am

We are going back to work Monday, we are reopening in a very cautious mode, we feel it is a bit early BUT when will the right time be, so with precautions in place we will go back to work and take our employees off unemployment, our customers some anyhow care less for personal safety and are raising hell, most though are patiently waiting, one of the main reasons we went ahead and closed was simply getting inventory, I have abt 30 tons of gray granite on order from Ga. and with Ga. Al. Ms. and Tn. under stay at home orders getting a non essential product across state lines was an issue we wernt prepared to fight. Since the mentioned states have eased travel restrictions we feel we can safely receive inventory now. A lot of our import material we now buy from Ada Ok. we are waiting on the city of Ada to ease restrictions since it developed into a hot spot.
1-All customers will wear a face mask.
2-Gloves will be required to handle sales materials.
( above which we will supply)
2-Everyone will practice social distancing
3-Very much discourage the family in the cemetery when we set, if they insist then we will implement a 20 ft distancing policy.

Since the regular masks became unavailable quickly Debbie and I wear a 3m 6000 series half face respirator in public, using a p100 filter, look like darth vader but so much more effective then the dust masks. And to just get a laugh in public I enhance the valves in the mask clicking ...talk about social distancing :ROFL:
Hope this finds all well, and looking forward to be even more productive in 2020

Charles Mckenzie
McKenzie Monuments Inc.
3450 N. St. Louis St.
Batesville, AR 72501
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Re: Re Opening

Postby David Takes » May 7th, 2020, 6:20 pm

I'm glad to hear you are making a turn in the direction of being more open. We re-opened our local economy in spite of last week having a local pork plant discover they had 415 confirmed cases, all asymptomatic. Even with that, our community of 85,000 has only had two deaths, both who had other underlying health issues. That is sad for those two families, but we have fared much better than many communities our size.

I have had my showroom closed, but I had a sign on the door letting people know I was on site during normal business hours to receive mail or shipments. Haven't had any customers other than electrical contractors who stayed busy during the downturn. That provided me some income turing that stretch. I'm glad to be officially open, although was really enjoying the progress I had made in getting the lower level of my building organized and prepared for the installation of a full commercial woodworking shop. My final design has been completed and I am narrowing down my machine choices so that I put together all of the locations and specifications for the electrical installation. It will take some time to get all of the equipment in, assembled positioned and trued up, but my goal is to have everything completed and operational by the end of 2020.

I am looking forward to a strong finish to 2020 after sales were down 68% in April. Ouch!
David Takes
Expressions Engraved
St. Joseph, Missouri
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David Takes
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Re: Re Opening

Postby jhenryw49 » June 1st, 2020, 4:13 am

Hi My son went back to work last week construction and they try to be safe, people just don't seem to understand. He was talking to one worker and this guy though it was all a hoax, he did not know anyone affected. he was amazed that my son knows people effected and were sick. and that a friend i work with delivering food, died from the virus, and His wife works in a lab. some people just have a hard time dealing with reality.

stay safe take care Jack
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