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Free dust collector

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Free dust collector

Postby StrikingStone » February 10th, 2015, 4:04 pm

Hi all,

I was very nicely given one of these for free - http://www.tptools.com/VAC-40-High-Effi ... l?b=d*8035 - and so I will pass on the kindness.

It is not supposed to run much more than 5hrs per week. I was running it 5-8hrs a day and going through motors.

The motor in this unit is SHOT! This is the 3rd time I have killed one, and so I have upgraded. The motor and filter can be purchased here http://www.tptools.com/Vac-34-35-or-36- ... l?b=d*8036 . The shell is pretty rusty, but it doesn't leak and does work well with a new motor and filter.
I have also installed a mount inside to hold a shop-vac style filter (very DIY, but it does help).

I can not take the time to ship or package, so this is really for you Arizona folks who might want a back up unit or an upgrade if you are using a shop-vac.

If the original owner wants it back, I will deliver to that person. I'll update this thread if there are any takers, otherwise it goes in the garbage this Friday the 13th.

Oakley Rolwing
Phoenix Arizona
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