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Wedding Expos

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Wedding Expos

Postby randypitcher » April 3rd, 2015, 1:58 am

Has anyone ever set up a booth at a wedding expo?

I am thinking of attending one, but the price is steep for me. However, I am hoping for a lot of couples to pick up some info for etching flutes, cake cutters, trays and whatever else I can think of to offer them.

I haven't decided yet. It depends on a lot of things!
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Re: Wedding Expos

Postby bernie » April 3rd, 2015, 8:30 am

I will be curious as to how this works if you do it.
I seldom do anything for weddings as I hear customers say ... "well I can get it online for cheaper". They don't seem to be after quality as much as they
are after cheap.
Good Luck with this
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Re: Wedding Expos

Postby Terry W » April 3rd, 2015, 10:06 am

Randy I set up at one about 5 years ago. Not one sale and the people running it wanted me to join some deal where they had monthly shows and events and a mass email and advertising in their magazine. I did the show and passed on all the other crap. When I asked them how many of the email address were new each week they just told me that you get so many a month (don't remember what the number was now) and they did this each month. When I pressed for more info on the email it turned out it was the same list and maybe 3-4 new ones per month. That was my last contact with them.

I know 1 photographer that dealt with them and he said he had only gotten 3-4 jobs in 3 years with their networking system.Not good in my book.

A lot of those the people that attend are in the early planning stages and may not be getting married for a long time so the contacts you make now will have misplace or tossed your card long before they are ready to buy.

That was my experience and I am sure they are not all the same but just watch out for yourself. I would not do another myself but that's just me.

Hopefully you will have a few folks here that have done well at them.
Terry W
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