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  • Forum Integration - The Photo Gallery is not integrated with the forum, but is "bridged" to the forum.  There is a link on the forum index page to the User Galleries which will take you to the Gallery application. 
  • Registration/Validation - The Gallery does not require a separate UserID/Password to allow uploading data.  Bridging with the Forum means that the Gallery uses the same UserID/Password as the Forum application and when you link to the Gallery your Forum UserID/Password is passed to the Gallery and you are automatically logged in.  If you are not currently logged into the Forum, you will be entering the Gallery as a "Guest". Guests can only view existing data,
  • Galleries/Albums - Each registered Forum User automatically gets a User Gallery in the Gallery application.  You can create one or more Albums in your personal User Gallery.  If you want to have one album for "Stonework" and a separate album for "Glasswork" it's up to you.
  • Image Size - The gallery displays 3 views of a graphic, a Thumbnail, an Intermediate Slide Strip Show and a Detailed Image.  You only need to upload one graphic, which becomes the detailed image, the gallery automatically creates the intermediate view and thumbnail from your uploaded graphic file.  There is no limitation on the number of Albums you can have in your personal User Gallery or the number of image in your Album(s).
  • Image Color Palate - Images must be 24Bit color palate or less to display correctly.
  • Keywords - When uploading photos you have the option of assigning keywords to the image. This helps facilitate you (and others) searching the gallery for all graphics with a certain keyword.
  • Ranking/Comments - The gallery gives others the ability to rank your photos (1 through 5 stars) and add comments about your photos.  You may rate and comment on others album entries, but not your own. CAPTCHA validation for comment entry to eliminate automated 'bots entries. Smilies available for comments.
  • Linking - The gallery provides you with the complete URL for the graphic you've uploaded.  This allows you to use that graphic in a forum posting without uploading it a second time. All you need to do is use the [img] [/img] BBCode tags to place the graphic in your posting.  Upload the graphic once to the Gallery, and you will be able to view it in the gallery AND add it to a posting in the forum.

Accepted File Types

Images Movies Sound File Documents
jpg, jpeg, png, gif asf, asx, mpg, mpeg, wmv, swf, avi, mov mp3, midi, mid, wma, wav, ogg doc, txt, rtf, pdf, xls, pps, ppt, zip, gz, mdb

Access Level

User Type View Upload Rate Comment
Guest Yes No No No
New User (< 25 Forum Posts) Yes No No No
Regular User (> 25 Forum Posts) Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Gallery Access

  1. Browse to the Forum main page:
  2. Ensure that you are logged in to the forum.
  3. Locate the User Gallery section in the main index.
  4. Click on the User Galleries link to the Gallery application.

Clicking on the screen capture image will display a full-size image.

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Creating Your Albums

  1. Select the "My Profile" menu option
  2. Select Create / Order my albums option

  1. Click the "New Album" button.

  2. Enter the name for your new album and click the OK button

  1. Select the "Upload File" menu option.

  2. Select the Album to upload the file(s) to. The album you created above should be available in this ComboBox for selection.

  3. Click the Browse button to select the file on your local PC to upload.  The gallery will do batch uploading and you can select more graphics to upload while the current graphic is still uploading.

  1. Once all graphics in the queue have been uploaded, click on the "Continue" button.

  1. If desired, you can now enter a Title, Description and Keywords for the file(s) uploaded.

  2. Notice the URL for the graphic is displayed at the bottom.  This URL can be used to display this image in a Forum posting without having to upload the graphic again in the forum posting, just use the [img] [/img] BBCode tags.

  3. When all additional information desired has been added, click the "Apply Changes" button at the bottom of the screen (not displayed in this screen capture).

  1. Your User Gallery (and album(s)) have been added and now display in the list of User Galleries.

  2. Clicking on the "User Galleries" link on the Home page will display all the User Galleries in the application.

  3. Clicking on the "My Gallery" menu option will display the Editing and Management controls for YOUR User Gallery.

  1. Album Editing and Management controls are available for YOUR albums only.

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